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Rio de JaneiroKnown as the “Wonderful City”, Rio de Janeiro offers attractions that have rendered the city international fame.
Who has never heard about carnival in Rio, the most amazing popular party in the world? Or who has never heard about Sugar Loaf Mountain and the statue of Christ Redeemer? Or about the beautiful beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, that have inspired musicians from all over the world? Or, also, who has never heard about the Tijuca National Park – the largest urban area natural preservation area in the Country? Rio is all that. And much more.

The city was the Brazilian capital until 1960 – when Brasilia, the current capital, was inaugurated. Because it was the capital, concentrating much power, the city’s architectonic traces include luxurious and imposing constructions – that sheltered the nobility and other important personages of those times. Since the city’s weather is hot and pleasant all through the year, Rio does not depend on seasons to attract visitors. Its attractions can be appreciated any time of the year. Whoever visits Rio soon finds out that his/her agenda is always full – that is the pride of the local population.

There is always something to be done in the city, from exhibitions, theater plays, dance and music shows to sports events for all tastes – such as free flying, much appreciated by all those who enjoy strong sensations on board a hang glider floating above the most famous landscapes of Rio. But the Wonderful City has yet a wide range of other attractions to offer, such as cultural centers, numberless museums, churches, famous confectioners’, old streetcars and beaches – many beaches. Far from the beaches
Besides the millions of visitors that thrive for the landscapes and natural beauties and the wide range of culture and history offered by this especially Brazilian city, a different type of tourist has been increasingly attracted to Rio in the last few years: the business tourist. The capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro is also one of the greatest business centers in the Country, being constantly chosen to host important national and international conferences, congresses and meetings.   

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