Recife wins over its visitors” hearts with its multitude of attractions, making it a truly unique place. The city is a growing metropolis, which can be readily seen on a trip along Boa Viagem Beach or to the sophisticated commerce. It is, at the same time, a place of historical and architectonic heritage, demonstrated by the several 17th and 18th Century constructions, an inheritance from Portuguese and Dutch colonizers.

Pernambuco”s capital also stands out for its modernity. It offers an excellent structure for business events, having large and small installations that are well equipped and ready to hold congresses, Expositions, Fairs and national and international company meetings in all areas.

Within an area surrounded by the Capibaribe, Beberibe and Jordão Rivers, the city reveals many different facets. The traffic is facilitated by the many bridges, which gave it the nickname of the Brazilian Venice. Just like Pernanmbuco, one of the richest States in culture, Recife presents several unique popular habits and traditions that can be found on every corner of the city, enchanting and entertaining its visitors.

Recife”s street Carnaval is considered one of the best and most joyous in Brazil, attracting multitudes of people. It starts on a Saturday with a Galo da Madrugada group parade and continues under the heat and hot February sun for three days, at the rhythm of frevo and maracatu (typical Brazilian dances).

There are several tours around the city and its neighboring areas. There are rafts leaving Boa Viagem Beach and boat rides along the beautiful Pernambuco coast. Another excellent destination is Olinda [link para Olinda], a city granted the Heritage of Humanity, just a few miles away from Recife.

The ocean waters are warm and the beaches are visited by tourists throughout the year. There are also several restaurants serving the best typical and international cuisine as well as modern and diversified hotel chains. At night, it is time for bars and outdoor shows, located in remodeled old buildings in Old Recife, another must stop.

For scuba diving lovers, the city offers some must be seen places for underwater adventures. Recife is one the best destinations in the country in this segment, with many natural pools along its coast and a shipwreck yard with more than 30 boats.

Submerged old embarkations, located in depths from nine to 58 meters, still keep some historical remains, as well as fish, algae and coral that have grown on them over time. In order for the tourist to explore all these underwater wonders, the city has an efficient support structure comprised of several qualified and experienced diving companies.

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